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A personal note from AfricaJack


Thank you

Our current focus is mainly personal as I focus on the health of my life partner, soulmate and best friend, Mike. Most of our close friends know of his recent health struggles. Thanks to the great medical staff at Alameda County Medical Center and support from a few great and amazing friends, we have identified the neurological problem. As we continue to search for the cure and treatment plan, we still rely on many of you who have offered help and assistance through your own networks.

Thank you!

What next?

I have always said there's a silver lining for everything that happens. My other phrase is everything happens for a reason. Now, I have to test my beliefs and try to accept what has happened the one I love. I know if the only reason he was diagnosed with the terminal illnesses because they were so rare and no one else was strong enough to get through it. This man is just that man. Determined and amazingly strong.

We will continue to search for the right research program and clinical settings that are perfect for him. Thank you
Dr. Kark and the staff at both USCF and ACMC for your continued care you have shown.

Work Continues

Many people have told us, take care of yourselves because if you can't take care of yourselves, you can't take care of other people.

Until we are able to return our focus to mission we have set for the AfricaJack Foundation, I would encourage you to continue to follow your dream, step out of the box, and do something for someone in need. Find the source you can help by fulfilling the passion you have for helping others. I know it has taught me a lot and I am thankful for those friends and family who continue to encourage me today.

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