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When I was a little kid, I always heard my dad say, "At the end of the day...." I wondered what he meant by that statement. I never really heard the rest of the statement or possibly his explanation. He might be wondering the same thing as he reads this blog. Maybe he doesn't remember saying it. It was almost 30 years ago.

Today, I have an idea about it. I am not even close to the point where I can say I have lived the life. I have done a lot of things. I have traveled around the world. I have met many interesting and unique people along the way. I have had a great life. I believe I am at a point in my life where I can truly say I know what it means to say, "at the end of the day."

I would add to that statement the idea that when my head hits the pillow and my eyes shut tight, did I make a difference and did everything I accomplished really matter in the big picture. I always look back over the day and think about the things I accomplished and those tasks still incomplete. I think about the conversations I had and the people with whom I interacted. Did I impact their lives for the good?

A friend said to me today that you think someone loves you and cares for you....(and then the time comes) when they don't get what they want (from you), you see their true colors. I told him that happens with someone who's not the "one" and someday he'll find that one who will do anything for him because of who he is. He will compromise and find a good place where the two of them can both be happy. I said, "like water off a duck." Don't let it hurt you. Does it really matter and do you want your surroundings to be composed of people filled with hate?

So what does it really matter at the end of the day? Is your last five minutes remembering the wonderful things in your life and the anticipated successes of your near future? If its not, try something new today and make it a habit to clear your mind at the end of the day.
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